About Us


In a time when the internet is filled with “Geek Sites,” Go Nerd Yourself (GNY) strives to be different. Its founder, Joshua Kelhoffer, not only loves films, music, books, and video games, but sees them as an important art form. The experience of those art forms is one we admire.

We won’t make cheap, easy criticisms played for quick jokes or write silly listicles and “10 Things You Didn’t Know But You Do Know Because You Aren’t Living Under a Rock” articles and other such click bait.

While you may not agree with everything we say in our reviews and articles, they will be honest and fair, not billboard statements fabricated for posters and trailers.

It’s not about edginess or ruffling feathers, it’s about discussing the things we love.


Joshua Kelhoffer attended The Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati, where he studied film for a short time. He also does freelance editing and is an avid lover of movies.